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We are pleased to announce the iFly 737 FSX Service Pack 1 released! (2011-07-19 10:13:37)

We are pleased to announce the iFly 737 FSX Service Pack 1 released!

SP1 is an update build. It includes all previous fixes. You can install this over the top of your previous installs.

Fix List:
1. Update the MCP altitude acquisition/deviation alert logic. 1). Alt alert sound should have a 3sec delay(not 5 sec); 2). In level flight, the alert triggered is also the steady white acquisition alert and not the flashing amber deviation alert.
2. Displays CMD as soon as the second AP is engaged. The CMD should display until the second autopilot really engages (below 1500ft AGL - appearance of FLARE armed in white)
3. CDU CLR key can‘t be controlled by hotkey
4. Re-check the VNAV logic.
5. Sometimes, “LVL change 400fpm for short climb/descent” does not work.
6. Use 3 seperate altimeters for captain/fo/standby panel. Add ALT DISAGREE alert, display when capt/fo altitude disagree more than 200ft and more than 5 second.
7. Standby altimeter with altitude error.
8. Clicking on 2500FT, 200FT or 20FT at SIMU Menu--Style page does not open the corresponding menu but redirects you to the previous option you opened.
9. The cabin may still pressurizes even with both packs are all off
10.If in vc mode and there is no tower view available and select tower view from fs menu, then back to vc mode, all screens will blank until press “F9” or use “S” to re-select vc.
11.Two independent turnoff lights
12.FMC does not calculate T/D if there is no runway in the route
13.Update the APU FF logic.
14.Add lights test switch
15.If open simconnect log mode, there will be many exception error in log file.
16.Update the model
17.Add more options in the style menu.
18. The strange characters on the N1 limit page are back, this occurs when i load the “normal“ panel state.
19. Spelling mistake on the lights test panel.
20. No automatic auto-thrust reduction if automatic thrust reduction selected.
21. IRS alignment time option works incorrectly.
22. Brake temp sensor is not correctly modelled.
23. If N1 set knob is not at AUTO mode, the N1 may excess the limit.
24. Change the cabin altitude logic, if loss bleedair/pack, the system use about 1500~1800vs to loss pressure.
25. Update the gear brake cooling rates
26. Change the N1 limit logic. A) With AT ON, N1 will not exceed green N1 limit. B) With AT OFF and EEC in normal, N1 will not exceed amber N1 limit. C) With AT OFF and EEC in ALTN, N1 can exceed amber N1 limit. D) The manually set N1 value has no effect on AT operation
27. GPWS provides height callouts based on the altitude set by the Captain‘s Minimums selector.
28. Re-build the logic for A/T engage/disengage, during VNAV PTH
29. When FD takeoff mode and cross thrust reduction altitude, and with auto thrust reduction mode ON, the A/T should engaged from ARM to N1, while N1 switch at MCP not light up.
30. DECEL point also available for way-point speed constraint.
31. Modify Approach Logic
32. Re-build G/A logic
33. GPWS sensitivity readjusted

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