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Service Pack 1 for FS2004 Version Released! (2010-12-25 13:47:18)

Service Pack 1 for the iFly Jets: The 737NG for FS2004 is now available. It contains many fixes and adjustments to the product. It is recommended for all users.Before download please read these important instructions.
The major improvements are the completely re modelled Flight Dynamics and Completely new sound set which features a sound system modelled on exacly how it should sound on the flight deck(thanks to our really world crews). Our new config manager allows you to create the Boeing fit for your favourite airline and so much more. It allows you to easily add your repaints no longer do you manually need to edit repaint.
Airplane General, Emergency Equipment, Doors, Windows
1. OOM problem
2. Door lights on the overhead panel not corresponding with actual situation.
3. Reverse NAV light switch.

Air Systems
1. Some logic errors in pressurization system.
2. "DUAL BLEED" light logic incorrect.
3. Trim Air Switch stays dark with dome light turned on.
4. The texture of differential Pressure Indicator is not correct.

Anti-Ice, Rain
1.Wing anti-ice logic is incorrect.

Automatic Flight
1. CTD when engaged LNAV mode after go-around.
2. Sometimes, the plane CTD when LNAV to the last waypoint.
3. CTD when during HOLD and switch from outbound to inbound.
4. Can’t track HOLD pattern.
5. The FD go-around mode can’t be engaged
6. FD bars logic is incorrect when in CWS mode.
7. the LVL CHG mode can’t be engaged without AT ARM
8. TOGA can’t engaged without FD/AP ON.
9. AP may ignore the MCP altitude when cruise climb
10. During landing, when press APP, the ALT HOLD mode always engaged if GS is not intercept.
11. Moving thrust levers when the AT is in the RETARD mode (engaging FLCH for descent for example) should automatically revert the AT system to ARM
12. The N1 may change from G/A to CLB when go-around and pass thrust reduction altitude.
13. The VS arm mode logic is incorrect.
14. Wrong exit hold logic.
15. The AP disconnect sound and flashing red light should only be triggered when the autopilot has actually been disengaged.
16. The LNAV mode may disengages incorrectly.
17. The N1 mode can’t engaged correctly whthout entry weight date into CDU.
18. If command pitch and roll modes are not engaged, the F/D command bars should not appear.
19. with AP off and FD on, the "CWS R" and "CRW P" should not display at the PFD
20. The PFD may display VNAV ALT, VNAV PATH incorrectly.
21. The Master (MA) Flight Director Indicators illuminated incorrectly when A/P and F/D are all engaged.
22. The plane can’t track LOC very accurate at high magnetic declination.

1. Ground power available light should remain light as long as it is available...even if there is no power to the aircraft.
2. Switching AC sources with the autopilot engaged should disengage the autopilot.
3. Battery v&a always display zero
4. The "BAT DISCHARGE" illuminated incorrectly.

Engines, APU
1. Re-Builded EEC module.
2. Re-create the engine start, now N1/N2/EGT is more precision
3. Updated the command N1.
4. APU doesn’t burn fuel.
5. REVERSER light didn’t illuminate when the thrust reverser is commanded to stow
6. Engine start switch have no effect in FLT position.
7. After putting the APU switch into the ?°start?± position, there should be a 10 second pause before EGT starts to rise.
8. Exhaust Gas Temperature Start Limit Lines should display until engine achieves stabilized idle.

Fire Protection
1. Red fire warn and amber Master caution should also work on battery power only.
2. APU fire warning, cargo fire warning and cargo fire test should not illuminate the Master Caution light.

Flight Controls
1. When the IRS is turned off, the Yaw damper should spring to off.
2. Flaps 20 shoule be Flaps 25.
3. Yaw damper light does not need hyd. pressure to extinguish.
4. The FEEL DIFF PRESS light logic is incorrect.
5. The aileron indicator display incorrectly.

Flight Instruments, Displays
1. Turn coordinator does not work.
2. Clock and CDU time display incorrectly.
3. The ND may draw "Radius to Fix" leg incorrectly.
4. When presetting a new QNH in white on the PFD (STD in green) by rotating the BARO knob on the EFIS CTL panel, it should always start from value 1013 or 29.92.
5. PLN view should work even if the IRS are not yet aligned
6. Navigation route not extending past compass rose when ND is ?°map center?± position.
7. The Green VOR identifier at the bottom of the ND should not show an ident when an ILS frequency is tuned. It should only do that for VOR’s.
8. Now when "data" is selected on ND, only the constraint altitude is displayed, the predict altitude will not display.
9. Wrong PFD/ND layout with IRS’s off.

Flight Management, Navigation
1. CTD when input route data in the RTE page 2/2
2. CTD when entry STAR TRANS.
3. CTD when press DES NOW.
4. CTD when select 4/4 PROG page
5. After load STAR, the FS may intermittent freeze.
6. Can’t enter MACH/IAS speed to the CDU DES page.
7. Push "DES NOW" at CDU DES page didn’t illuminates the EXEC light.
8. Entering any SPD REST more than 250 has no effect, AP ignores this SPD REST.
9. Enter the cruise altitude in the PERF INIT page didn’t illuminates the EXEC light.
10. After entering REF airport in the POS page and goto RTE page, the REF airport will automatically display in the scratchpad
11. Pressing FIX multiple times should cycle through the two FIX pages.
12. Cannot enter SPD REST in DES page when altitude higher than transition altitude.
13. Sometimes, CDU may display incorrect ILS info.
14. CDU N1 page may display incorrect.
15. IRS coordinates should be displayed immediately on ISDU and FMC POS REF page 2/3 after coordinates entry on POS INIT page 1/3.
16. Wrong ECON CLB/CRZ speed.
17. The CDU always update the overhead landing altitude indicator after press EXEC key and override the manual entry. Now the CDU will not override the manual entry.
18. The SID/STAR didn’t display when access via TAKEOFF REF 1/2 page.
19. CDU is missing 1st character of waypoint name in the waypoint selection screen.
20. Pressing the numeric keys on either of the CDUs on the IFR panels results in incorrect numbers in the scratchpad.
21. "Data entry with delay" option in FMC has incorrect logic.
22. The waypoint speed constraint logic is not correct.
23. Unable to copy position to scratchpad from POS REF page
24. The waypoint speed display in HOLD page always in MACH.
25. The progress page 2/4 displays wind date incorrectly.
26. The cruise altitude may display incorrectly.
27. The VREF logic is incorrect
28. Can’t enter "1" as takeoff flap.
29. The overhead IRS display may display incorrectly.
30. The transponder switch could’t spring back to standby position when rotate to test position.

1. Engines shut down when the overhead fuel pumps are switched off in flight. They should continue to work by gravity feed.
2. BBJ aux fuel not working.

1. Hydraulic pressure changes after turning HYDR pumps on are too slow.

Landing Gear
1. Red and green landing gear indicator lights may illuminated together.

Warning Systems
1. GWPS didn’t callout the baro min alt if EFIS select baro min altitude
2. T/O config warning logic is incorrect.
3. TCAS still can pass test when IRS is not working.
4. "TCAS test failed" sounds even when there is no power to the aircraft.

1. Update the FDE.
2. Update the sound package.
3. Exterior light on even without any elec source
4. The VC is too bright even without any elec source
5. The panel status can’t be saved.
6. Some panels have misspelled names.
7. Repair the texture of right engine
8. Allow separate control Logo light
9. Repair Taxi light
10. Repair BBJ2/3 VC switch
11. 3D light effect adjustment
12. Update some texture for the model and gauge

1. Add real CDU font
2. Add auto/manual OAT entry option in the style menu.
3. APU outside sounds, packs, TRIM
4. Add master caution test
5. Add ND range arc as an option
6. Add ND 3NM TCAS ring as an option
7. Add CRT style CDU and can select LCD/CRT style in the style menu.
8. Add IRS 30 seconds shutdown syscle function.
9. Add TCAS test visuals on PFD and ND.
10. Add option to choose 2 style MCP for 600~900 variant.
11. Add option to choose 2 type CDU
12. Add option to turn on/off autotune function.
13. Crew seat can hide for better view

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