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iFly 747-400 SP1a Released! (2016-03-01 18:13:28)

 iFly 747-400 SP1a Released!

We are pleased to announce the release of SP1a for the iFly 747-400 simulation for FSX and FSX - SE!  
Service Pack 1a is all inclusive and replaces Service Pack 1.
The SP brings increased fidelity and refinement across all aircraft systems and also features enhanced models and external textures. The air file is fine-tuned, with CLB and DES performance as close to real charts as we can make it.
SP download links are at the bottom of this post.
This update involves significant improvements to realism, including FLAP logic, VNAV logic and the APPROACH phase of flight, as well as improvement in the visual aspects of the simulation.
FLAP logic, VNAV and FMC logic during APPROACH now model what occurs in the real aircraft.  Refinements to the model will be spotted by those with sharp eyes and above average attention to detail. :)
The Beta Team lists the following as their favorite improvements to the simulation (listed in no order of preference):
1. For FSX and P3D:  Dynamic Interactive Panel Flood and Back lights for the 2D & Virtual Cockpits.
2. For FS2004:  Static Flood lights in the Virtual Cockpit and Dynamic Interactive Panel Flood and Back lights for the 2D panels.
3. FMC "On Approach" mode.
4. Dynamic wing flex on-ground and in-flight.
5. Refined FDE, including hand flying characteristics.
6. Attention to detail by the modelers.
7. Refined Autopilot.
Also in the SP:
1. Revised mouse scroll and click spots.
2. Revised paint-kit.
3. Revised SDK.
4. Updated liveries which take advantage of model refinements.
5. Improved go around logic.
NOTE:  SP1a includes a refinement to the gauges which decreases the variation in fps seen by users.  This refinement is dependent on pc hardware and how users have installed FSX and FSX – SE and which settings are applied.
The installer also includes the following:
Further refinement to FMC handling of short routes.
FLAP extension and retraction positions corrected.
Some Key Assignments labels corrected.
Trim indicator on during Cold and Dark, fixed
SEL and OAT display on the CDU THRUST LIM and LEGS, RTE DATA/Wind pages when USSystem selected corrected. (TAT is ALWAYS in Celsius no matter if the US System is selected for UNITs)
Version number is now updated to V2.1.0.1 (Visible on the plate under the Gear lever).

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